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I'm oceanographer, underwater photographer and IANTD diving instructor. I especially like to dive in the wild places, away from civilization and not frequently visited by scuba divers. This is where I find true beauty of nature and tranquility.


I began my adventure with underwater world, when I was 7. This was the first time I tried snorkeling. As a result, after few years I started to train freediving. Each year brought better results in apnea diving and simultaneously more possibilities to explore what's beneath the surface. It was just a metter of time, when I took my first underwater pictures with simple film camera on holden breath. The key in my development was to acquire first scuba diving certificate and practice with many different underwater photography sets. Scuba gear allowed me to stay longer in aquatic environment and opened to me path to more advanced photography. Nevertheless I still use my apnea skils to take underwater shoots, sometimes it is just more convenient and let me go closer to animals afraid of bubbles.


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